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Managing and resolving disputes differently, with respect, dignity and privacy.

Collaborative Practice allows you to preserve the relationships that are most important to you and move forward positively


Collaborative Resolution New Zealand (CRNZ) was founded in 2011 as The Collaborative Law Association of New Zealand Incorporated. 


CRNZ consists of Collaborative Professionals in all regions across New Zealand.​​ 


We welcome all members who have completed Collaborative Practice training either in New Zealand or from other training organisations overseas. 


Events and Training

See what events and training we have coming up for professionals and members.

Collaborative resolution lawyers around table

“Collaboration” – to work together with someone who has a different perspective and achieve a result.

Our Members

Our members consist of practicing Barristers and Solicitors, Mediators, Professional Coaches, Mental Health Professionals, Financial Management Specialists and Students. 

CRNZ members are bound by the CRNZ Code of Conduct and best practice standards. ​

Collaborative Law


Managing and resolving disputes differently with respect, dignity and privacy.

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The collaborative process and philosophy is totally revolutionary.  This approach resulted in helping to maintain the relationship between myself and my ex husband. Our children observed our separation to be over quickly and peacefully, which has been the best outcome for the well-being of our children.

- Natalie

 I found that the collaborative process enhanced cooperation, open communication, and creative problem-solving to achieve solutions that work well for everyone involved. 

- John

From the onset, the atmosphere was different – instead of an adversarial courtroom, we found ourselves in a supportive and understanding environment. The collaborative resolution process allowed us to maintain control over the decisions that would shape our futures, rather than relinquishing that power to a judge.

- Susan


About Collaborative Resolution NZ


Collaborative Resolution NZ is an incorporated society made up of dispute resolution professionals who are trained in Collaborative Practice. It oversees training and practice standards, promotes Collaborative Practice and provides support and ongoing education to its members.

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