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Kimberlee Sweeney

Divorce and Relationship Coach

Meet Kimberlee, the pioneer of divorce coaching in New Zealand through the CDC institute.  A certified CDC© Divorce and Separation Coach, Kimberlee is also trained in Gottman method couples therapy and Imago Relationship Coaching, a certified CHCC© Career Coach, a Recovery and Transition Coach, Holistic Amicable Divorce Coach ©and a Cinergy Conflict Management and Communication Coach©. She's also proudly trained in Collaborative Practice NZ.

Kimberlee's journey began back in 2015 when she stepped into the role of a Divorce Coach. Her motivation wasn't just professional—it was deeply personal. After navigating her own divorce and co-parenting journey in 2011, she recognised the dire need for support beyond lawyers, especially during those early rocky phases of a relationship breakdown.

Once she had her own strategies in place, she took it upon herself to professionally get trained, equipping herself with the tools to guide others through the intricate maze of relationships and separations. Having been through it herself, she's the coach who can truly empathise and hold your hand every step of the way.

Kimberlee's coaching spectrum covers all the bases. She offers one-on-one relationship coaching to explore the potential for reconciliation. And for those beyond that point, she's there for coaching guidance and support before during and after the legal process of separation and divorce. Her philosophy is refreshingly realistic: if you fail at marriage, you can at least try to succeed at divorce.

With Kimberlee in your corner, you're striving for a collaborative separation that prioritises your family's best interests and paves the way for harmonious co-parenting. And when kids are involved, she's laser-focused on their well-being—preferably without the courtroom drama.

Kimberlee Sweeney
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